Tungsten Heavy Alloys


Tungsten Heavy Alloys

With the success in manufacturing of a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metal and alloy powders, we decided to venture into value added component manufacturing and also develop expertise downstream.

INNOTUNG is the tungsten heavy alloy series manufactured by us through the Powder Metallurgy route. We can supply the material in the form of bars, plates and also in finished machined condition as per the drawings.

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Features:

1. Density: 15-18.5 g/cc
2. UTS: 500-950 Mpa, e: 3-22%
3. Compressive Strength: 2000 Mpa
4. Hardness: 20-40 hrc
5. Radiation: Stable, rigid, non toxic shield against X and gamma rays

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Applications:

  • Radiation Shielding
  • Dead Weights
  • Balance Weights(Centre of Gravity Adjustors)
  • Tungsten Ballast
  • Tungsten Collimator
  • Vibration Damping
  • Tungsten Copper Alloy
  • Tungsten Penetrators
  • Tungsten Boring Bars
  • Tungsten Syringe Shield
  • Tungsten Camera Body
  • Tungsten Granules
  • Tungsten Mass and Spacer
  • Sporting Applications
  • Expertise: We have developed expertise in liquid phase sintering operations at very high temperatures up to 1800° C. With strong knowledge in pre sintering processes like granulation, pressing (mechanical, hydraulic and isostatic), debindering and other standard techniques we are able to meet the specific requirements of our customers. We are equipped with all the facilities for physical, mechanical and chemical testing.

    Our Upcoming Projects: We are in the process of developing new components involving high temperature sintering operations. With a strong focus on our R&D we intend to aggressively move into new application areas and become a leading global player in this industry.

    The Process:Very fine micron sized elemental powders are mixed in prescribed proportion, to obtain specific alloys upon sintering, in high energy mills and then compacted in rigid / flexible tooling in mechanical/hydraulic or isostatic presses. Binders and pore formers are used, in which a debindering step has to follow after net-shaping. Very high temperature sintering in reducing atmosphere of hydrogen is resorted to achieve full densification very rapidly. By virtue of dissolution re-precipitation phenomenonduring formation of liquid phase, high densification and homogenization is achieved. These alloys are also responsive to TMT which may be used if application demands.