About Us


Welcome To INNOMET

We are global suppliers and manufacturers of wide spectrum of ferrous and non ferrous metal/alloy powders like Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Tin, Brass, Diamond Tool Matrix Powders and many other customized powders.

We are also into manufacturing of components through high temperature sintering route where we specialize in the production of Tungsten Heavy Alloy Components. (Inno Tung)

Our products cater to a wide range of Industries viz. Powder Metallurgy, Diamond tools, Coatings, Petro chemical , Pharmaceutical, Water purification, Automobiles, Rock cutting, Ordnance and many more.

To attain self reliance by investment in research and development in the high end technical areas of powder metallurgy.

1998-2010: Evolves from origins in general engineering (as Padmasree Enterprises) into diamond tools and then metal powder manufacturing.

2012:Gets into Tungsten Heavy Alloy (THA) components with an order from Gun and Shell factory for Tungsten Heavy Alloy Pre fragments

2015-2020:Develops various new THA components and powders, takes strides in R&D capabilities

2021:MoU with Advanced Research Centre International (ARCI) for being part of scaling up of manufacture of LFP* and LTO# for EV batteries in India.

2022:Order from Allox Advanced Materials for scaling up of LFP manufacture with transfer of technology from ARCI

2022:Order from BPCL for scaling up of Key component for Electrolyser for producing Hydrogen


To become the No.1 manufacturer in India for Specialty Metal/ Alloy Powders.
To consistently add high value verticals (like Tungsten Heavy Alloy Components) through inhouse and collaborative R & D.


With Creativity, Flexibility and open-mindedness, we design the future together with our customers. We are curious forward –thinkers, seeking the best solution to enable customers to take the next step. Striving for sustainability and efficiency, we constantly challenge the status quo to improve the existing solutions through Innovation.



At INNOMET ADVANCED MATERIALS LTD we specialize in water Atomization and Post Atomization Technologies. We have the capacity to address wide range of particle size, viz. mesh size -60# to -325# and below, suitably blended for apparent density adjustment. We use a wide variety of screening, milling, grinding, blending and formulation processes in our manufacturing plants.


Our Group offers flexible production capability. We have the ability to supply products in bulk or packed in small quantities to individual customer requirements. Standard packaging provided are in 1kg, 2kg, 3kg double vacuum seal, and high quality polythene packs.


At INNOMET ADVANCED MATERIALS LTD Sustainability and Quality are our prime priority. Through standardized production processes, proficient production team, high quality equipment and raw materials we maintain very high standards in the quality, consistency and timely delivery of our products. We actively work with our customers in taking their feedback on our products regularly and make alterations if need be to ensure a strong customer relationship.


INNOMET strives for excellence in Health, Safety and Environment related practices in all its activities such as Design, Engineering and Project Management.

We are committed to;
• Meet the applicable legal / statutory / other laws of the land, regarding HSE.
• Carry out HSE reviews such as HAZID, HAZOP and Environmental impacts.
• Protect our environment by preventing pollution of land, water and air.
• Protect life, property, flora and fauna and manage risks faced by employees,visitors, other personnel and public at large.
• Practice internationally accepted standards and codes that enhance HSE performance.
• Provide the necessary resources for HSE systems.
• Continually improve the practices in all its areas of operation.


INNOMET is committed to enhance customer satisfaction & trust by providing value added Design, Engineering, Project Management and Specialized customer centric services with consistent Quality, Cost conscious project management and timely Delivery of design outputs.

To sustain the Quality Management System, we commit to follow National / International codes & standards and Company’s Quality Procedures with continual improvement in our processes.