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PROCESS: At INNOMET powders we specialize in water Atomization and Post Atomization Technologies. We have the capacity to address wide range of particle size, viz. mesh size -60# to -325# and below, suitably blended for apparent density adjustment. We use a wide variety of screening, milling, grinding, blending and formulation processes in our manufacturing plants.

PACKAGING: Our Group offers flexible production capability. We have the ability to supply products in bulk or packed in small quantities to individual customer requirements. Standard packaging provided are in 1kg, 2kg, 3kg double vacuum seal, and high quality polythene packs.

QUALITY: At INNOMET powders Sustainability and Quality are our prime priority. Through standardized production processes, proficient production team, high quality equipment and raw materials we maintain very high standards in the quality, consistency and timely delivery of our products.  We actively work with our customers in taking their feedback on our products regularly and make alterations if need be to ensure a strong customer relationship.

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